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Supper Time with Josephine

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About Chef Shakha



Chef Shakha has worked in Phoenix and Tucson’s Premier Resorts and restaurants such as the Westward Look Resort (Tucson), Royal Palms Resort (Phoenix), and the Biltmore Resort (Phoenix).  Chef Shakha has traveled the country performing Personal Chef Services for a number of celebrities.  He has also been a Consulting Executive Chef for the development of multimillion dollar health spas and resorts. 

Chef Shakha’s philosophy is “If it taste good to you, let’s make it good for you”. He conducts health education food demonstrations across the country sharing his love for the art of cooking and how to make better choices when preparing the foods you love.  Chef Shakha has developed his own line of no-salt seasoning blends that allow you to prepare your meals with the entire flavor and without sodium.

Chef Shakha believes in two concepts; educating families and individuals on preparing healthy nutritious meals on any type of budget and helping everyday professionals eat and prepare healthy meals, save time, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  The Chef’s Personal Services are designed to treat you to an array of culinary delights.  “I customize menus especially for you; let me use my culinary expertise to prepare your favorite dishes”. 

Chef Shakha is a military veteran.

About April

April Winston, the CEO and President of Journey Solutions (a Limited Liability Company) has risen in the ranks of establishing and maintaining a management consulting firm that leverages Technology, Education and Total Wellness services in a thriving and developing environment. Founded in 2007 at the onset of a major economic recession the company found its sustainable edge through Ms. Winston’s capable delivery of Wellness Management with a focus on chronic disease management among seniors and young children.

With a background in curriculum development in Health Education and facilitating classes, workshops and seminars alike, her training extends to Life Cycle Program Documentation to Sustainable Culinary Practice and Design. She is the former Assistant to the Dean of Admissions of University of Toledo Medical College as well as a former Technical Analyst for Charles Schwab Investments. In the technological arena, April works with businesses on re-engineering their processes in order to maintain competitive advantages in their respective industries while educating clients on the importance of maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle.

April holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology, and is completing her Masters of Business Administration (Summer 2017). She currently leads the Wellness Program at the Spa at Pilgrim, she is a partner in the very popular catering company Supper Time With Josephine (STWJ), blogs regularly on her blog, The Balancing Act, and is also a contributing writer for Higher Connection Magazine (Health and Lifestyle section). She can be found at:, on Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook and Google Plus.


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